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The VRx next-generation video management system features advanced analytics based on deep learning technology

Next-Generation Video Management

VRx™ video management systems provide a next generation video management experience featuring UHD playback, deep learning analytics capabilities, and more.

Why Choose VRx?

Crowdsourced Video and Mobile Management

The VRx system includes the ability to manage and display crowdsourced video footage submitted to security teams alongside regular surveillance footage. VRx video streams can be viewed and managed from the LenelS2 Mobile Security Professional® app.

Unified Access and Video

VRx provides a unified access control and video surveillance experience when used in conjunction with the NetBox™ access control system, Magic Monitor® unified client, and Cumulus™ cloud-based service.

Scalable and Easy to Set up, Use, and Maintain

VRx systems seamlessly fit into the NetBox ecosystem, allowing the entire solution to easily scale with organizational growth. The Linux-based VRx server appliance is plug-and-play, making it easy to set up, configure, and maintain.