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Manage and monitor your LenelS2 systems from the cloud

Cloud-based Insights and Management

The Cumulus™ cloud-based service is a powerful tool for monitoring and administration of LenelS2 access control and video systems from a single management dashboard.

Why Choose Cumulus?

Proactively Monitor System Health

The Cumulus cloud-based service monitors the health of your LenelS2 systems by gathering periodic system performance data and applying analytic rules you configure to send changes in system status by text message or email, reducing time to detect and resolve problems. It also provides access to diagnostic information such as OS version, last communication to the Cumulus service, CPU usage, controller or camera uptime and more.

Customizable Displays and Real-time Visualizations

The Cumulus cloud-based service enables customization of displays, making it easy to manage and monitor systems for enterprises of any scale. Users can view a variety of real-time graphs and visualizations that best suit their needs.

Unlock LenelS2 Product Ecosystem Benefits for Mobile Apps and More

Registering LenelS2 ecosystem products on the Cumulus cloud-based service unlocks a number of new product features. When NetBox™ and VRx™ systems are registered and connected to the service, Mobile Security User™ app users can share crowdsourced media with security teams, muster for evacuations and approve access levels.

Remote Software and License Updates

The Cumulus cloud-based service can send reminders to update software and licenses.