UltraView MultiVision

UltraView MultiVision
Category : Video & Transmission Software

Brand : TruVision

Software Videowall component for UltraView Security Center

Specialities :

  • Specific layouts with camera streams , single camera streams and camera cycles can be send to a monitor connected to the MultiVision using a CCTV keyboard or a mouse
  • Tiles can be defined as Alarm tile, ensuring the that alarm triggering live video streams appear on these defined tiles
  • By selecting a certain tile, PTZ commands generated by a mouse, a keyboard or the graphical joystick, are send to the correct destination
  • Using the mouse every tile supports instant playback and in-place recording look-up
  • The tiles on each monitor can be arranged to show predefined layouts of 1 Full-screen video stream, 4 (2x2 mosaic) streams, 9 (3x3 mosaic) streams, 16 (4x4 mosaic) streams, 25 (5x5 mosaic) streams, 36 (6x6 mosaic) streams
  • Take snapshots of a tiles videostream
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